POWER PLUS - FUEL INJECTOR & ENGINE CLEANER: A specially formulated high Performance Fuel injector & engine Cleaner, for all types of fuel , that Cleans while you drive. Regular use Of POWER PLUS helps to save Fuel & improves performance , by Keeping fuel injectors, intake valves & its manifolds clean, & saves Maintenance cost.

Works For:

- Fuel Injector & Carburetor cleaner
- Removes harmful carbon & varnish Deposits
- Keeps intake valves & combustion charges free of deposit build- up
- Saves fuel by improving the engine efficiency
- Instantly restores lost power & Quick starts
- Harmless to fuel system and catalytic Converters


- FUEL INJECTOR & ENGINE CLEANER is usually applied in vehicles that are old. - Add entire contents into Fuel tank When fuel gauge indicates halfway mark.
- Do not refill till the product is Totally consumed.
- For Better performance use after Every 10000 kms.
* Warning: Harmful if Swallowed. Call physician immediately.

Power Plus Fuel Injectors - Varies with the sizes & types of vehicles


FOR 2/3 WHEELER - Scooter / Bike / Auto Ricksaw


FOR LMV's - Cars


FOR HMV's - Trucks

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